VLW Reader Rankings 2023 Winner

We are pleased to announce that Jury Impressions was selected as the Virginia Lawyers Weekly Reader Rankings winner for the top Jury/Trial Consulting Company in Central Virginia!

This edition of Reader Rankings focused on the metro Richmond area and the surrounding cities. The idea of the rankings is to recognize the businesses that assist the commonwealth’s lawyers in their work across the many variety of their law practices.

In past editions, Jury Impressions has been nominated and selected as a finalist. However, we are so excited to be voted as the top Jury/Trial Consulting Company for 2023, and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote for us.

Jury Impressions was started in 2005 to make the mock trial system and consulting services available to trial lawyers nationwide. Thank you for your votes, and support, and for trusting us with your cases.

Atlanta Law Firm Obtains $11 Million Verdict In Mild Brain Injury Case — Jury Impressions Conducted Focus Group Prior To Trial Also Resulting In $11 Million Verdict

Congratulations to Keenan Nix and Chris Graddock of the law firm of Morgan and Morgan for obtaining an $11 million verdict in a mild traumatic brain injury case in DeKalb County, Georgia. Keenan and Chris asked Jury Impressions to conduct a focus group in the case a few weeks prior to trial. The focus group also returned a verdict for $11 million.

The Brain Behind Brain Injuries: 2015 Super Lawyers Virginia and West Virginia Magazine.

Irv Cantor discusses his experience and expertise in the field of brain injury litigation.

Recognized as an expert in the field, Cantor’s cases include more than 400 traumatic brain injuries suffered by clients ranging from attorneys to physicians to claims adjusters – brain injury does not discriminate. And Cantor, say his peers, has a palpable empathy for those whose identities are often distorted by their injuries.

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Arlington Law Firm Obtains $2 Million Verdict in Medical Malpractice Case

Congratulations to Scott Perry and Mikhael Charnoff for obtaining a verdict of $2,000,000 in a medical malpractice case in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The case involved a podiatrist’s failure to recognize a blood clot before a routine surgery, which led to an above-the-knee amputation. Scott and Mikhael asked Jury Impressions to conduct a focus group in the case a few weeks prior to trial.

Scott and Mikhael stated: “We completely changed the presentation of the case based upon the feedback we learned from the focus group jurors, specifically focusing on the metadata which uncovered a late entry in the medical records. This was a no offer case, and we obtained a $2,000,000 verdict from the jury, who deliberated for only 45 minutes.”

Irvin V. Cantor Inducted into the Virginia Lawyers Hall of Fame

On June 12, 2018, Jury Impressions Legal Consultant Irvin V. Cantor was inducted into the Virginia Lawyers Hall of Fame. Virginia Lawyers Weekly established the Hall of Fame in 2018 to recognize Virginia’s most significant senior lawyers. Membership in the Hall of Fame is reserved for Virginia lawyers age 60 and over. Criteria for inclusion in the hall include: career accomplishments, contributions to the development of law in Virginia, contributions to the bar, contributions to the Commonwealth of Virginia, and efforts to improve the quality of justice in Virginia.

Irv was one of only 33 total members of the Hall of Fame’s inaugural class. The induction ceremony took place at the John Marshall Hotel in Richmond, Virginia.

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